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The equipment supplied by Sécheron needs limited preventive maintenance. The purpose of such preventive maintenance is to ensure that the products manufactured by our company that operate on your network will always remain at the level required to carry out the functions and achieve the performance levels they have been designed for. This maintenance is key to assuring the safety and availability of your equipment.
To help you to perform this preventive maintenance, detailed and rigorous inspections and maintenance procedures have been established by Sécheron. They can be found in our ‘’Operation and Maintenance Manuals’’. Kits of original spare parts for these maintenance operations can be ordered from Sécheron through your usual Sécheron contact partner.
There are different ways for your company to manage the preventive maintenance of Sécheron products, as described below.

Maintenance performed by operators

Maintenance performed by Sécheron service points

Maintenance performed by Sécheron Geneva

Maintenance performed by operators, supervised with a Secheron Hight qualified supervisor
Maintenance performed by a Sécheron Service Point
Maintenance performed by Sécheron Geneva

Have Sécheron train the team in your organization that is responsible for maintenance operations on our products. Such training will give your team sufficient knowledge and practice to perform maintenance work in optimum conditions. 

If a Sécheron Service Point is available in your geographical area you can contact it to have your products be serviced

Sécheron guarantees that the employees of our Service Centers have been duly trained by our experts, and have a good knowledge on our products and an optimum capacity to handle inspections and maintenance operations.

Your products can also be serviced by Sécheron Geneva, either by returning these products to Sécheron, or by requesting Sécheron to send someone to your site.

For the products to be returned to Sécheron for maintenance, follow the RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedure.

To request Sécheron to dispatch of a technician to your site, send your request at