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Apart from switching and protection devices, Sécheron has also a strong know-how and track record for the design, production and delivery of master controllers and wheel flange lubricators to be used on rail traction vehicles, such as metros, light rail vehicles, tramways, trains and locomotives. As a major supplier of train’s roof mounted high voltage components and solutions, Sécheron also supplies roof isolators for 15kVac/25kVac or 3kVdc to hold safely the busbars connecting the different roof equipments.

Master controller
Secheron MasterController device

With the master controller type MMC and BSK, this is a large range of modular master controllers that Sécheron can propose for managing the traction speed, the braking forces or the driving direction of traction vehicle (locomotive, train, EMU and LRV).

Wheel flange lubricator
Secheron lubrificator nozzle

The wheel flange lubrication system type GB has been recognized for years as one of the most efficient from the market to reduce the frictions between the rail and the vehicle's wheels leading to a substantial reduction maintenance costs as well as noise.