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MODBOX Integrated Systems

MODBOX® is a compact and modular ''plug & play'' solution, for a smart and safe integration of high-voltage components on traction vehicles running on AC and DC networks.
Built on a standard platform of rolling stock’s dedicated aluminium enclosure, MODBOX® is configured and engineered to address the particular requirements of each project in terms of integrated functionalities and interfaces to the vehicle.

Designed to solve critical issues met with high voltage components individually mounted on vehicle’s roof, MODBOX® offer a significant added value to car builders and vehicle operators selecting this solution.
Sécheron switching and protection components (AC circuit-breakers, DC circuit-breakers, contactors, disconnect switches) are primarily integrated in MODBOX®, completed with devices from first class suppliers for the other functions necessary to the application.
MODBOX® is the solution selected by car builders for hundreds of trains including high speed trains, operated in Brazil (3kVDC), China (25kVAC), Italy (25kVAC), Poland (3kVDC), Russia (3kVDC) or United Kingdom (25kVAC).

Typical application schemes
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Schematic of Secheron integrated system AC & DC MODBOX
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