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UITP Exhibition - Geneva


Sécheron DC Substations will present:

Inverter System for Energy regeneration, “live connected"

Sécheron provides Inverters for DC traction projects up to 3.6kV. One system has been installed in a substation for a mountain train, in cooperation with our customer and partner “Goldenpass”. In this specific application, nominal voltage is 950Vdc; the converter is based on IGBT and is connected to the AC through a dedicated transformer.

On our booth, we will demonstrate the real-time functioning of this system. A computer connected to the equipment on site through an internet connection will show the status and performance of the system closely linked to the real-time traffic. During the braking phase of the train, illustrated by images from cameras on site, you will see on a cockpit synoptic the evolution of the line voltage, the current returning to the grid, and the calculation of the savings of energy, everything “LIVE”.

Sécheron, leading system and equipment technology for DC Traction Substations, will also present other equipment and solutions like:Stray Currents Monitoring System, Integrated Control-Command Systems, H.M.I., Energy Storage Systems, Protection and Control units, and will provide appropriate documentation and solutions to any requirement related to the DC System equipments including Transformer-Rectifier groups, D.C. Switchgear, Wayside panels, containers, … etc, available for all applications up to 8kA or 3.6kV and all kind of architecture related to DC Traction power supply.


For Rolling Stock equipment, Sécheron is also at the cutting-edge of the technology, with its unique range of components and customized solutions to switch and protect high voltage electrical circuits of the traction chain. Pantographs, AC & DC Circuit-Breakers, high voltage roof integrated systems AC & DC MODBOX®, Contactors, Disconnect Switches but also Master Controllers and Wheel Flange Lubricators are available to support the optimize the safety and the reliability of your vehicles.


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