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New product - BTE 03.04A earthing switch

Sécheron has upgraded the earthing switch type BTE 03.04 to better address its customer requirements and offer more poles, more functions and an easier installation with the new BTE 03.04A

BTE 03.04A is an off-load switch, built with a combination of twin poles and used to simultaneously and manually connect to earth multiple points of electric circuits, on AC and DC railway vehicles. 



  • High protection level against electrical shocks
  • High safety level with key interlocking
  • Optional integrated Key Multiplier (up to 8 keys)
  • Easy to install and connect
  • Also available for extreme ambiant temperatures



  • 2 to 10 poles
  • Manual operation
  • Insulation voltage up to 4’800V
  • Compliant to IEC60077-1/-2, IEC61373, EN45545 


More information on BTE 03.04A, click  here


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