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BMS contactor's range gets wider

The up-graded version of the BMS contactor has met an immediate and massive success on the market, thanks to its optimum modularity, high performances,exceptional small volume and low weight, but also considering the excellent track record of the previous version over more than 30 years of service worldwide on tramways, light rail vehicles, metros, EMUs, trains and locomotives.

The development program of the BMS contactor’s range is going on to offer car builders and operators new ratings to cover their applications.

Sécheron SA is now proud to release on the market the BMS09.17, BMS18.17, BMS09.18 and BMS18.18, covering applications with currents up to 1700A & 1800A, and voltages up to 1800Vdc/ac. The design of these high power contactors uses parts and sub-assemblies already in service on the BMS and SEC contactor’s ranges, that already guarantees to these new contactors a level of quality, reliability and performances.

As the for the contactors type BMS09.08 and BMS18.08, the dedicated Pre-charging Contactor type PCC18 can be integrated on to the BMS09.17, BMS18.17, BMS09.18 and BMS18.18.

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