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Rolling stock applications
Sécheron SA offers an extensive range of products, solutions and services dedicated to the switching and protection of high voltage traction and auxiliary equipment installed on railway and mass transit vehicles. Our ranges of DC and AC circuit breakers, contactors and disconnecting switches, as well as master controllers and wheel flange lubricators, are used on locomotives, conventional and high-speed trains, EMU's, metros, light rail vehicles, tramways and trolley buses.  
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Secheron Standard Components

Sécheron R&D teams designs innovative standard platforms of modular products that cover the major customers' applications while meeting the highest--SEE_MORE-- performances. Our products are intensively tested much beyond than required by standards, in order to guarantee our clients the highest relaibility and lowest maintenance level. We offer the most complete ranges of switching and protection devices,  enabling our customers to find a solution to all their needs in our product portfolio.

Customized solutions
Disco MACS AC circuit-breaker

Build around standard product platforms, Sécheron proposes also customized solutions. For specific applications and environments,  the--SEE_MORE-- components can be adapted to particular constraints by a dedicated Sécheron's project team supporting our clients all along their projects.

High Voltage Integrated System
Secheron AC MODBOX: the perfect integrated system!

Sécheron has developed a unique and high level of expertise to integrate High Voltage components from our supply with other surrounding/related--SEE_MORE-- devices/functions in more complex systems. Thus we can deliver the car builders a complete integrated ans safe solution, fully tested and easy to install (plug & play solutions). With our highly qualified engineering team, and powerful engineering tools and internal laboratories, our clients will find in our company the trustful and expert partner they are looking for to support them efficiently and professionally during all the phases of their projects, as well as during all the life cycle of the vehicles once in service.