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Sécheron’s products are designed and tested for being used in applications with severe environments and requirements for high performances and reliability, as demanded by the rail transportation industry. This makes our products particularly well adapted to other industries also seeking for high voltage switching and protection devices with a high level and quality and safety. Our DC circuit-breakers, contactor switches and disconnect switches are also commonly used to switch, isolate and protect converters, inverters and other electric equipment used in marine applications, rolling mills drives, mines equipments, renewable/sustainable energy plants such as solar plants, and many other fields.  
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  • Marine converters
    Secheron marine converters

    Thanks to its high performances, combined with its capability to withstand high vibrations and shocks level and its recognized reliability in service, Sécheron'--SEE_MORE-- breaker has been used for years in marine industry to protect electric propulsion converters and high voltage circuits.

  • Sustainable energy plants
    Sustanable energy plants

    Sécheron's components are selected and used by designers and manufacturers of innovative renewable energy technologies, to switch and protect high voltage circuits.--SEE_MORE-- Valued for their capability to withstand heavy duties, as well as their extremely high reliability, our dc circuit-breakers, contactors and disconnectors guarantee to solar energy plants they switch and protect, the highest level of availability and efficiency.

  • Rolling mills
    Industry mining equipment

    To optimized their profitability, steel and aluminium plants must operate 24/24 hours. It is therefore a strategic objective for the rolling mills high voltage equipments to--SEE_MORE-- be protected by a service proven circuit-breaker that is recognized and valued for its extremely high reliability. For years now Sécheron SA has been offering such service quality to the manufacturers and operators of rolling mills drives, with its DC circuit-breakers type UR.

  • Mines equipments
    Mining equipment

    For years Sécheron DC circuit-breakers have been integrated in mining solutions, to switch and protect high voltage circuits either used either for the extraction or for the--SEE_MORE-- transport of the raw material.

  • Chemical plants
    Industry Power plants

    Chemical plants using electrolysis process require very high  DC power to perform the electrolysis operation.
    The power substations converting the AC--SEE_MORE-- voltage of the electric industrial  network into DC voltage to supply the anodes with high currents, must also ensure an efficient and reliable protection of such electrolysis circuits considering the very high power used, and the risk of circuit opening of an electrolysis cell. Sécheron DC circuit-breakers are also commonly used for these applications where reliability, efficiency and high performances are mandatory.

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