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DC traction power substation
Sécheron SA offers a complete range of components, solutions, systems and services for DC Traction Substations powering and protecting mass transit and railway networks. With more than 60 years experience in this activity, Sécheron has developed a unique expertise making our equipments to be used in most of the major cities worldwide operating metros and light rails networks, as well as in countries equipped with DC railway lines. Starting from the delivery of individual components such as DC circuit-breakers, disconnect switches or protection and control devices, Sécheron supplies up to the complete DC substation, including transformer-rectifier groups, DC switchgear, regenerative inverter/energy storage systems and other panels. Supported by a strong and expertise project management and engineering team, we also offer a complete range of services to guarantee the quality and performances of the project and equipment.  
Components for Sécheron Substations

With more than 60 years experience in the field of DC traction power substations, our company has developped strong and unique competencies in--SEE_MORE-- this area. Combining our deep knowhow with the strong expertise of our R&D teams, enables Sécheron to offer large ranges of innovative, high quality, reliable and service proven components (such as DC circuit-breakers, disconnect switches, protection & control relays, measuring amplifiers, and so on) that cover the complete scope of DC traction power susbtations.  

Sécheron's Projects

Sécheron offers proven technical solutions and services for DC traction power substations supported by qualified engineers and certified--SEE_MORE-- project managers (IPMA).

Customers Services

Sécheron has the capability to support its customers and be their reference partner, from the very early stage of a project till the--SEE_MORE-- comissioning of the equipment. With our strong engineering resources supported by sofisticated and powerful tools developped by our company, Sécheron offers its customers highly valuable services such as network simulation and calculation, laboratory or field tests, as well as other support necessary to dimension and realize the best suited substations to the targeted operation' conditions.