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Our Strategy

The SECHERON HASLER GROUP has a clear mission: to design and deliver the best in class customer-oriented solutions and services for the highest safety, protection and reliability of rolling stock and traction power substation in the railway industry, as well as in industrial segments manufacturing high power electric equipments.

To reach our goals, the strategy of our company is clearly oriented on the following cornerstones:

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  • Focus on product development and technological innovation
    Focus on product development and technological innovation

    Our goal is to offer our clients the most complete range of innovative, heavily tested, reliable, high quality products, solutions and systems, meeting the highest performances expected by our customers.

  • Market presence and customer care
    Secheron Worldwide presence & Customers care

    Our strategy is to be close to our clients, providing them with local support as much as we can, through both our own worldwide main operational units and our large network of sales offices and partnerships,--SEE_MORE-- that give our company the capability to add local content in our deliveries, as well as to service the delivered products.

  • Customized solutions
    Customized solutions

    We offer our clients a strong engineering support during all the project’s phases, to customize products & solutions when needed, and to deliver the appropriate engineering services. Our unique--SEE_MORE-- competencies and expertise in our fields of activity is valued by our customers, and supported by strong engineering tools and internal testing laboratories.

  • High quality & efficiency
    High quality & efficiency

    Our product design, supply chain management and internal processes shall be focused on highest efficiency, without making compromises on our products quality. Our company and equipments are certified according to the most demanding--SEE_MORE-- standards of railway and industry