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The SECHERON HASLER GROUP is focused on railway industry, and industrial segments manufacturing high power electric equipments. We design, manufacture, test and deliver products and solutions covering the following scope.

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DC Traction Power Substations



Our product portfolio includes the following product ranges and solutions.

  • DC circuit breakers
  • AC circuit breakers
  • Contactors
  • Disconnect switches
  • Master controllers
  • Wheel flange lubricators

Sécheron SA is a worldwide leader for electric protection and switching solutions dedicated to rail transportation (rolling stock and DC traction power substation) , as well as to other industries managing high power electric equipments.

Our scope of design and delivery covers stand alone components, up to complex systems, where multiple high voltage and low voltage components are ingeniously integrated on a project base, within compact plug & play modules, easy to install and convenient to source.

Our scope covers the following products ranges and services

  • Transformer - Rectifier Group
  • DC Switchgear
  • Traction Energy Recovery
  • Protection and Control devices
  • Voltage Limiting Device
  • Control Command and Supervision
  • Engineering and technical services
  • Disconnector Cubicles
  • Load Break Switch Cubicles
  • Outdoor Wayside Panels
  • Substations in Containers

Sécheron SA is a worldwide leader for DC Traction Power Substations and delivers substations for DC Railways, Metros, Suburban trains, Light Rail Vehicles and Trolley bus networks. With a wide range of products and services, Sécheron SA covers applications rated 750 Vdc, 1500 Vdc and 3000 Vdc.

Our scope covers the following functions and services

  • Data recording
  • ETCS solutions
  • Speed acquisition
  • Speed indication
  • Data transfer software
  • Evaluation software
  • Other systems

HaslerRail is leading the market with its speed acquisition systems, speed displays and train data recorders for more than 120 years,. Over the years, the evolution of the vehicles speed and technology, as well as the increasing of the signal’s complexity, has led to the development of new product platforms with higher performances in terms of signal treatment, communication interfaces and software for evaluation of the recorded data.