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Code of conduct


This document provides the fundamental principles of code of conduct for each employee of Secheron Hasler Group to maintain successful activities and durable development of our group.

  • Legal compliance
    • All employees must obey the law and the legal system in every country where we are present and do business
  • Respect of employee
    • Respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual are high priority for our group.
    • SECHERON HASLER GROUP doesn’t accept any discrimination or differential of treatment in our organization, whether for reasons of race, nationality, skin color, sexual identity, political, religious or other conviction, gender or age.
    • We aim complete equality between the sexes. Whether for remuneration, responsibilities, promotions, career advancement or other.
    • To ensure an atmosphere of quality of work, the relationships between employees must be with mutual respect, frankness and openness.
    • The respect of business integrity is essential to maintain the reputation of our company in the world. The reputation of our company is our most precious property. 
    • The reputation of our group is determined by our actions and by the way each and every one of us presents and conducts himself / herself.
    • Every employee should be concerned with maintaining and promoting the good reputation of SECHERON HASLER GROUP.
  • Fair competition
    • All employee must conform to the rules of fair competition
    • Any employee could not directly or indirectly, offer, promise, grant or authorize the delivery of money or any thing else of value, whoever the person, into the professionals activities, with the aim of obtaining an unfair advantage.
    • The employees may not obtain competitive intelligence by using industrial espionage, bribery, theft or electronic listening, or communicate knowingly false information about a competitor or its products or services.
  • Customer relationship
    • Every employee must be concerned during his/her daily activity by importance of customer relationship. To guarantee a durable development, each communication with our customer needs to have an optimal level of quality.   
  • Environmental protection
    • Protecting the environment and conserving natural resources are high priorities for our company. Through management leadership and employee commitment,SECHERON HASLER GROUP strives to conduct its operation in manner that is safe for the environment and continually improves environmental performance.
    • All employees must contribute to these goals through their own behavior.
  • Health and safety
    • Protecting the health and safety of employees in the workplace is a high priority for SECHERON HASLER GROUP. We take measures to prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
    • All employees must assist the group to obtain a safety work environment to prevent accidents.
  • Complaints
    • Employees, customers and suppliers can send an email to complaints@secheron.com or complaints@haslerrail.com if they have observed or have been informed of any illegal conduct or violation of there Guidelines.
    • If an employee would like to speak about personal problem, he / she could contact the HR responsible or the employee committee.



Dr. Martin Balters

CEO Sécheron SAl